There are many reasons why someone would need to pull a tooth, and Dr. Ronald C. Russo is happy to perform extractions to help improve your oral health.

We offer tooth extraction in Scottsdale, Arizona, to clear a crowded mouth, to remove infection, to reduce the risk of infection, and to pull loose teeth affected by periodontal disease. Your dentist will begin the extraction by giving you a local anesthetic that will calm you and make your mouth numb. Your dentist will then cut away gums and bone tissue that covers the tooth. After the gums and tissues are pushed and cut away, he will grasp the tooth with forceps and gently rock the tooth back and forth until it gives way. The rocking will loosen the tooth from the jawbone and ligaments that are attached to hold it in place. If the tooth is being difficult, it will more than likely be removed in pieces. Once the tooth is pulled, your dentist will stop the bleeding by having you bite down on an absorbent material. If the hole exposed is large enough, he will sew it shut with stitches. When you are allowing your mouth to heal, you need to make sure you refrain from having dry socket. This condition happens when the blood clot breaks loose and exposes the bone. It is often painful, and we suggest you come back into the office as soon as you can if this happens.

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Tooth Extraction