Preventing oral cancer is a very high priority for us. Dr. Ronald C. Russo knows how dangerous it can be, and he does everything he can to make sure his patients are taken care of.

Many people are victims of oral cancer because of the increase of age, the use of tobacco products, consuming multiple alcoholic beverages a day, and being exposed to ultra-violet light. You are also at a high risk of being vulnerable to oral cancer if you have had previous forms of cancer in the head or neck.

We do our best to prevent this from happening, and some of our suggestions include always brushing and flossing your teeth, refraining from using tobacco and alcohol products, limiting your exposure to the sun, exercising regularly, conducting a self exam every month, and eating cancer-fighting foods in your diet. Along with those prevention techniques, your regular cleanings at the dental practice of Ronald C. Russo, DMD will also help prevent oral cancer and make certain we identify any abnormal signs as soon as possible.

For more information on preventing and detecting oral cancer in Scottsdale, Arizona, call our office and talk to your dentist today! This is also a great opportunity to set up your first appointment and begin your regular cleanings. We are so excited to work with you!