We offer preventive care in Scottsdale, Arizona, to help you maintain strong and reliable oral health.

Dr. Ronald C. Russo provides preventive care for periodontal disease and oral cancer and also offers sealants to help prevent any infection or decay. Your health is our number one priority, and our goal is to catch and treat any oral issues before they get worse.

Our dentist also suggests simple ways to practice preventive care at home. If you regularly brush and floss your teeth, you will keep your teeth healthy and strong. We also suggest that you stay committed to attending your regular dental cleaning visits. These different methods will allow you to keep your teeth clean from plaque and tartar, which can cause major problems in the future if they are not removed within a certain timeframe. Your teeth will also grow stronger and healthier each day if you use fluoride toothpaste or fluoride rinse products. These will place the lost minerals back in your teeth and give them the strength to fight off bacteria and infection. If you perform the tasks we have suggested, you will have less of a chance of being infected by an oral disease, cancer, or cavities.

We work hard to prevent oral issues and treat any problems at an early stage of development. To learn more about preventive measures, call our office today!