Our patients are our top priority, and we like to prove that by practicing the highest possible level of infection control and sterilization techniques.

Our dentist and dental team at the dental practice of Ronald C. Russo, DMD are adamant about properly cleaning and sterilizing each room before and after a patient enters and leaves the room. We know this helps prevent the risk of infection and protects our patients from bacteria and disease. We do so by cleaning the chairs, counters, walls, floors, cupboards, and surrounding items.

We strive to take very good care of our patients, and that includes using sterilization machines that fully sterilize our instruments after we thoroughly clean them by hand. Our autoclave machine does a tremendous job of cleaning our dental tools, and we are proud to say we use it every chance we get. We want to make sure we rid any risk of spreading infection and disease, and we are happy to say that using these machines and techniques definitely does the job.

For more information on infection control and sterilization in Scottsdale, Arizona, we welcome you to call and talk to Dr. Ronald C. Russo. We are a dental practice you can trust, and we are so excited to work with you!