Are you ever embarrassed of your yellowing smile when you look at yourself in the mirror or in pictures? If so, we are happy to fix that by providing professional teeth whitening in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Dr. Ronald C. Russo offers two types of whitening techniques that will transform your yellowing teeth back to their pearly whites! The first option is an in-office technique that involves you coming to the dental practice of Ronald C. Russo, DMD for two to three hours. During this treatment, we will apply the whitening material two to four times, depending on the severity of the discoloration. You will simply sit in the dental chair and allow your dentist and hygienist to apply the product and slowly transform your smile. This process will produce instant results that end with your happiness. We will also provide take-home whitening trays to keep up the whitening if it ever starts to dull.

The second option is Dr. Ronald C. Russo providing custom take-home trays that are made just for you. Your dentist will give you the product that will give you the results you are personally looking for. If you decide to use this method, we suggest that you use the trays daily to produce the whitening you desire. This could take a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of the discoloration and how your teeth respond to the whitening treatment.

Are you interested in whitening your teeth? Call us today and set up an appointment!

In-Office Teeth Whitening