We offer retainers at the dental practice of Ronald C. Russo, DMD that can slowly move your teeth to the desired positions and also keep your teeth nice and straight after your teeth have shifted into the correct places.

There are many different retainers available today. Some of those include custom-made, shell-like retainers that are molded to the shape of your teeth, metal wired retainers that are custom fitted to keep your teeth in place, and permanent retainers that are glued to the back of your teeth to prevent your teeth from moving.

Dr. Ronald C. Russo offers retainers in Scottsdale, Arizona, because he knows how important it is to keep and give you keep the smile you have worked so hard for. Teeth are known to move very quickly, so we suggest that you wear your retainer every night to maintain the position of your teeth—unless your dentist recommends a different frequency. We also suggest that you talk to your dentist about what type of retainer is right for you and your situation. Everyone is different, and we are here to provide a custom-made plan that will help you reach happiness in your oral health goals.

For more information on the types of retainers we provide, call our office today!